"True strength comes not in the form of walls and protection, but in vulnerability and reflection." - Cass


The Design of Our Lives

From birth, our past draws us into who we are. Each different and unique; our course with different discoveries, our challenges on varying degrees.

We look towards the future unaware of how tomorrow is reshaping us… changing us on a daily basis by taking us in a different direction. The design of our life is its own. Some more elaborate or detailed than others. Our design tells a story…within each line the directions we’ve traveled. Its high points and intersecting lines and angles, created by people we meet along the way, the desires that burn in our heart, and the strength and determination within us to pursue our dreams.

We are complex works of art, evolving along, intersecting together; the design of our life, our own. What a mystery to interpret our own design and understand who we are. The important thing to remember; it is not the complexity or the intricacy that is important… It is important only that you are comfortable with its design.

– Cass

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